MASTER the international language
of business among local Americans ...

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COME across the Golden Gate Bridge to spectacular Marin County,

STAY in my private home with swimming pool and spa at the base of beautiful Mt. Tamalpais,

IMMERSE yourself -- studying, listening, reading, speaking and understanding,

Professor Donna R. Scriven
Donna R. Scriven
English Professor

You Must LIVE a Language!
Immersion is the key to fluency

Do you need to speak and understand English everyday?
Do you immediately revert to your mother tongue after every English class?
Have you diligently studied English in your country but have parts of it that you still don't understand how to use?
Have you had English speaking 'travelers' as teachers who speak, but do not know how to teach well?
Do you feel that you never have the opportunity to practice and use your knowledge of English?
Then you are ready for that final step ...


Enjoy the comfort of my home while you learn!
Enjoy the comfort of my
home while you learn!
Having successfully taught business and professional men/women in Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Chile and Portugal, I have seen today's need for complete confidence when conducting business in English. As an accredited professor of English, with degrees from the United States and the University of Cambridge, I can give you that competence and that confidence. Here is the opportunity every language learner dreams of!

You will stay in my large private home with swimming pool and spa, just twenty minutes from San Francisco, and participate in a two week immersion session to acquire, master and utilize English language skills. The intensive instruction includes daily sessions in vital points of grammar, vocabulary, colloquialisms, informal conversation, English language movies and individual assignments.

My spaciouis home is filled with
     lovely antiques
My spacious home is
filled with lovely antiques


Why my home rather than a language institute?

My very unique home program assures you 250 hours of continued studying, listening, reading, writing, speaking and understanding. At institutes in your country, the same cost would provide perhaps 50 hours of private instruction. Enjoy views of nature, the pool ...
Enjoy views of nature, the pool ...
OPTIMUM individual attention with only two participants per session; or, a private session may be requested and structured exclusively for you.
A home study gives you the opportunity to meet and communicate with Americans of all ages and walks of life.
In institutes, students of the same mother tongue usually speak their language during recreational time. I help you to learn to use English with your countrymen. In business meetings you cannot speak English with foreigners and your language with cohorts. It is inappropriate and unbusinesslike.

... or the mountains from every window
... or the mountain from every window
In institutes, students of different mother tongues practice their English with one another without realizing when they make mistakes.
I am accessible from 6 a.m. until midnight to explain, affirm, correct and support. Immersion exchange programs exist for young people throughout the world. Here is your opportunity as an adult!

Your Two-Week Immersion Session Includes:



Sleeping Accommodations

Breakfast Daily

For lunch and dinner, you may purchase food and use the kitchen


Session Schedule

E-mail for current session schedule

Accessible Near By Sites Are Numerous

San Francisco - 20 minutes The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge
Pacific Ocean - 30 minutes
Giant Redwood Forest - 20 minutes
Napa Valley wine country - 1 hour
Yosemite National Park - 4 hours
Nevada Gambling - 4 hours

For More Information - Contact Donna Scriven

Phone: 415-461-7939

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